Music Without Boundaries

DJ Ethan Carter is a former New York City nightclub DJ currently living in San Diego.

Ethan worked for countless venues and events in Manhattan and Brooklyn in the late 1990’s. He held several, weekly, residencies at some of New York’s hottest parties. After several years of being a nightlife denizen Ethan needed to find a better, life balance. He found the perfect career to join his love of music, performing, and helping others… Ethan became a group fitness instructor. Although he works sporadically for special events, Ethan does stay on top of the latest technology and music. In fact, his DJ background really helped him in his current career and quickly set him apart. As many people know, music is very important for motivating people. Ethan’s class participants always compliment him about his workout playlists.

On this site you will have access to Ethan’s playlists. He uses Spotify for his weekly picks and MixCloud to upload full sets of mixed music.

DJ Ethan Carter loves music, period. He plays a wide variety of music with an appreciation for an even broader spectrum. Ethan believes timing is everything and that it is important to set a mood or environment. What can be extremely exhilarating is to change that mood and effect people’s emotions.

If Ethan has learned one thing from deejaying it is that music unites. Music is the one, common, language we all share. Artists speak volumes with their instruments and/or voices. We don’t need literal translations to feel what the artists’ are expressing. It’s all there. We feel it. In a very, troubled world there is nothing more liberating than to share a dance floor with complete strangers, from other cultures or environments, and just groove.

Groove on. Live on. Music breaks down the barriers. There are no boundaries with music.

Love to you all,